Tuesday, October 26, 2010

...with a joyful heart.

I have been giving considerable thought to the act of giving, specifically giving with a joyful heart. We have had several people mention how much they would like to financially support our trip. I am quick to remind them that we are not "doing missions" nor do we have much of an "initiative" except that we want to learn Spanish. Do we believe it will open doors in the long run for deeper and greater relationships for our joy and God's glory? Yes. But we hope for God's plan to be manifested in this way just as a mother does when she decides to stay home with her kids instead of pursue her career, or a recent grad does when they accept their full time position and decide to allot 50% of their pay check to the poor, or the way a widow does when she is living off a calculated amount of social security and truly thanking God for her "daily bread". Obedience is obedience, and worthy despite how grandeur it looks.

So maybe the fact, that normal people like the stay at home mom, or the recent grad or the widow ARE living on faith, faith that is just as pleasing to God as the traditional missionary, then maybe that should revolutionize giving period! Maybe giving's horizon should broaden beyond titles that include only "bible" "mission" "gospel". Maybe its ok that another beleiver hears what God is doing in my life and says, Hey, can I be a part? Can I bless you? Even if it doesn't entail a monthly newsletter that provides statistics on souls saved.

Out of all the mission trips I have taken (MANY) the trip where I have people knocking at my door to give is this one that I never thought worthy to even ask for help with. Maybe this seemingly sub worthy trip has reflected more traits of Jesus than every calculated, bible based, house building, gospel sharing trip I ever took. Maybe because this one takes the most faith? I dunno.

"And without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who seek him." What if we gave against that measure all the time? What if we asked God to point us to the things that reflect great honoring faith, and gave us great joy, and gave to that. Giving could be fun, it could be hopeful, it could be faithful..it could be simple, like dinner for our neighbor- just because they were on our heart and we take joy in that gift. Giving would not be narrow and obligated. It would be joyous!

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