Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A wife like satisfaction

There is a satisfaction (that I am sure makes me that much closer to being my mother) when the house is clean and the only background noise is a fusion of the dryer and the dishwasher cycle, and there is still a good 2 hours left for me to open the laptop and be productive before an evening responsibility calls. Its about as good as rainy Saturday mornings, that turn into sunny afternoons (it allows you to innocently sleep long, but be rested enough to truly enjoy it later).

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I started my third book editing project yesterday, on a March deadline. Was on a roll with cohesion and formatting... until my head began swelling up like a balloon and leaking tears out of my right eye and nostril like a running faucet. Matt graciously slept with Vicks fumes and snot rags (as my mother calls used kleenex) fallen in between the sheets through the nights blind nose blowing. I noticed he collected them all this morning before he left, as the trash can in the corner is filled to the brim with crumpled white fluff.

My iphone says it is 10 degrees outside, which means the sun shining on my bedside, warming up only that section is even more deceiving than I thought. I will get up at some point to create a sauna in the bathroom with the hot shower water. That should clear me for at least enough time to make breakfast and come back to bed and fall asleep to Hillsong's "Con Todo" worship album.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

The lawn is white for the first time this winter. Christmas lights are on, can't bring ourselves to take it down when the limbs are still green. Maybe a mid Jan. bonfire one of these 10 degree Minnesota nights. Sunday night football on in the background and some random kids on the corner waiting at the bus stop. Grandma went south for the winter, the house has been fairly quiet as a result. No MASH or Walker Texas Ranger theme songs lately. Can't say I miss them quite yet.

Spent New Year day helping a girlfriend paint her apartment white in preparation for moving. In the evening I helped throw a NYE party for the Say Yes girls. Sweet time of pizza, indoor double dutch, a little dance and a movie. Brought in the New Year with Matt and some family.

I have been editing one-off essays for an education assistance firm out of India. Kept me busy the past couple weeks, in between holiday meals and family time.  Matt is on break, he goes back to work Tuesday... so I figure I will too. But, not before a day with my younger sisternlaws and niece. Having them all over tomorrow to watch a marathon of "Anne of Green Gable" VHS tapes. Classic.