Friday, December 30, 2011


I am thankful. Thankful for seasons that bring holidays, that bring pause to life and time for family and travel and big meals with sweet pies. I am also thankful that they are pauses, and not the norm. That not everyday is kick back, and not every day is family time and not everyday is big meals and excessive desserts. I am thankful for seasons in general. Thankful that there are appointed times and places and persons as Ecclesiastes so blatantly points out. With that said, I am even thankful for Mondays.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

House hunting...

Its fun, and exciting and scary and serious at all the same time. In many way, buying a home feels bigger than a baby. There is a sense of permanence and settle that a house connotes for me, where as a child, well, I envision slinging him on my back and keepin it movin. Kids adapt. Cement footings don't. But, both require faith, and we do have peace about a particular house. Waiting to sell the truck before we put a bid in on it. Got a call on it earlier in the week... praying about it all... timing and price negotiations and favor with the house builder.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm back

Did I tell you not to feel slighted...? My bad. Obviously my time has been divided. But after a viciously written text from my younger sister reminding me that I would lose all my following if I didn't write soon, I am back. The last month has been a blur.

My business cards are in. Logo done. Business paypal set-up. All the site content is written (including rates, packages, contractual language...)The site design and functionality is in its final stage, should be ready by Christmas. My promo packet is complete, and I am now preparing my pitch list... school, colleges, universities, churches that may have editing or content writing needs.

Just recently began titling my work. We went to a Christmas party last night and the infamous North American convo starter was thrown at me every which way, "So, what do you do." Honestly, I was tempted to ask why they cared, and suggest that there were deeper more meaningful questions to ask to get to know a person... like, "How is your walk with God?" or " What do you do that brings you satisfaction and true joy?" Instead, I told one woman that I was a freelance copy editor. That still didn't suffice for her, and tilting her scrunched face she responded, "What exactly is that?"


Oh, and everything on my body is growing, slightly, but growing nonetheless. My hips, my stomach, my arms... yes, my arms. This all just means I'm healthy- I think.  I told my husband he luckily married thick skin when he surprised me with a monthly gym membership and I wasn't offended. :) I must admit, it has been a nice addition to my week. Every Mon. Wed. Fri I drop Matt off at work and hit the swimming pool and treadmill for an hour or so. Gets me going. 

We heard the heartbeat Nov. 14th. Pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever heard in my life. In church on Sunday I swore I felt something tap my right insides. But since the thing is the size of a jumbo shrimp it may have just been gas.