Thursday, November 10, 2011


It has taken 3 months of unemployed blessing to bring me to the point of readiness. But I am ready. And with some healthy coaxing from the husband, and affirmation from my family, it is moving. I am starting my own editing and writing freelance business.

The irony is that for the past year I have been editing a book during our travels, and writing for - the preparation has been in the works. Not to mention the Journalism major and 3 years of business writing experience.

I was reading in 2 Peter today about God's patience. How he is allowing time to pass slowly it seems, so that all can have fair chance to hear and believe on him. It reminded me that timing is everything in many ways. That God works things together until they reach their fullness, when God can receive the most glory from them.

Website is in the works, business cards in the mail. Clientele, well... anyone need an editor or content writer? I will be hosting a professional blog via the site. Don't feel slighted.